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Partners for life

We are experienced professionals who understand that IT services are
changing, and are true partners who care about your success.

We aim to develop long term business relationship with our chosen clients, whereby we will study their marketing and sales needs as we deliver value to their organization weather by selling leads, providing sales coaching, marketing concepts or consultation. 

Working & growing together

As a bone crushing, dominant sales, and marketing company, our focus is on exponential financial growth. We establish visionary financial goals and design in advance to achieve them.

Exponential growth is key to our ever-evolving creative marketing concepts. We only align with top performance companies in an entrepreneurial capacity where our mission is understood and embraced.


We have a passion for growth and success.


Meet the Founder

Meet Nicola!


Nicola Dodson founded Matrix Marketing Concepts in South Florida with the vision of assisting businesses in a most needed way. Just as we all need food to nourish our bodies, businesses need marketing and advertisements for sustainance and growth.

After seeing consistent results in successful advertising campaigns for her own endeavours, she realized she could provide the same full suite of services including advertising, reaching target audiences, and managing ROI for clients, all at unbeatable prices. Sharing the wealth!


As times are constantly changing there is a need to stay current and bring new opportunities to businesses. Nicola and the carefully groomed team consistently brainstorm ways to grow businesses through marketing and advertising with a simple approach that is cost effective and rewarding.


She enjoys identifying and working with talents and aligning herself with knowledge in all


Nicola is most passionate about growth and development and endeavors to form a charitable
organization to assist less fortunate Children through Matrix Marketing funding.

Meet the Team



Mastermind and Master Delegator, Nicola is always the final overseer for quality control.



DMC's chief of staff, reporting to the CEO and orchestrating all departments.

Sales Director


Ted heads up the Sales Division and is the strategic mind behind every new market we expand into.

Perfect Solutions That Your Business Demands.

Why Choose Us?

We know the formula for success. We live it, we breathe it.


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