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Our Brand Ambassadors (BA), also known as Sign Spinners, Human Directionals, Live Sign Twirlers, Sign Wavers and Sign Shakers, are the perfect way to assure your advertising efforts direct consumers to your specific locations. Unlike conventional mediums of advertising, sign spinners are spinning & shaking their signs directly at thousands (whom may or may not have seen your other advertising efforts) but are now aware of your Brand, Product, Service our Announcement thanks to our Brand Ambassadors. Consumers have longed for your product or service and are only an intersection away, use a Sign Spinner to get them in today.


First and foremost they are fascinating and vivacious. Our Brand Ambassadors differ from your average sign holder or billboard, which remains stationary and boring; their energetic and dynamic personalities captivate every set of eyes on the road, generating maximum exposure. Second, millions of dollars have been invested in research & development and the consumer behavior shows that the majority of Americans are impulse buyers. Our Brand Ambassadors are highly visible to thousands of impulse passer-buyers. Only an intersection away, thousands are ready to buy and simply need to be pointed in the right direction.

The Best Sign Spinning in Seattle, Tacoma, and Bremerton Metropolitan Areas

Live Signs” –  We are based out of Gig Harbor and Tacoma WA. We operate up and down Puget Sound in Pierce, King, Thurston, Mason, Snohomish and Kitsap Counties. Our sign spinners come to your location and promote your business on or near a busy intersection, directing consumer traffic through your doors.

  • Sign Spinner Ads provides the most cost effective advertising solutions available

  • Brand Ambassadors shake and spin signs in front of your business, on a busy intersection, or at a public event

  • Our Brand Ambassadors aren’t just active, they’re interactive

  • We create our own customized signs from corrugated plastic

  • Our signs feature bright colored text, company logos and a vinyl edge in your choice color

  • Our BA’s attract more business to your company

  • We offer an alternative to lackluster advertising methods

  • There is no long term commitment

  • We can customize your message

  • Not your average stationary “sign holder“, our professional sign spinners are energetic and continuously moving to grab consumer’s attention

  • All of our Professional Sign Spinners go through a rigorous training program and attend multiple practices on a monthly basis to hone their skills and collaborate with other spinners to learn best practices associated with spinning

  • We are fully licensed and insured for the specific nature of Sign Spinning on busy intersections

  • We are professional, energetic and enthusiastic in all aspects of Sign Spinning

  •  All of our Spinners wear a bright orange collared shirt that serves a dual purpose as a safety and marketing tool

  • Hire a spinner for your event – Serving Washington State and Oregon State – Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Miami, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood

Sign Spinner vs Sign Holder

What is a Sign Holder?

In simplest terms, a sign holder is a person holding a sign….But lets break it down.

  • Sign Holders are boring and lackluster

  • They don’t move or move very little

  • There is no Human Engagement

  • They stand around playing on their phones most of the time

  • Sign Holders don’t wear uniforms and don’t do any tricks with their sign

They may as well be a stationary sign on a stick. If you want to get the best return on your investment, stay away from sign holders.

What is a Sign Spinner?

Sign Spinners are professional brand ambassadors who mix street performance with brand promotion to advertise our client’s businesses.

  • Sign Spinners know hundreds of tricks that they perform to grab the attention of passing motorists

  • Sign Spinners are interactive and add the human element to advertising by waving, smiling and pointing clients in the direction of your business

  • They are energetic, enthusiastic and are ALWAYS moving

  • Sign Spinners wear professional attire that help them stand out for safety and marketing purposes

  • Our Sign Spinners go through a vigorous training program and attend multiple practices on a monthly basis to build their arsenal of tricks and hone their skills

  • Our Sign Spinners are licensed and insured to advertise on busy intersections

If you want an effective, innovative way to advertise your business while simultaneously increasing your foot traffic, brand recognition and return on investment…..Sign Spinner Advertising is what you need. 

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