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Kiosk Hosting

Your business is a high traffic establishment where our Kiosks can be placed, allowing maximum
visibility where our advertisements get great visibility. We will allow you passive and Residual
2. Your business will benefit from free advertisements in other establishments where our kiosks
are placed.
3. Contact us (create hyperlink to contact page) to discuss how you can benefit from this great
4. You Do not own a business, but you know someone that does and can benefit from partnering
with us as a Kiosk host? Contact us, then have them contact us. You will receive a substantial
commission for your efforts. Every kiosk host is paid attractively; however, this is based on the
level of foot traffic and the potential for successful advertising. By referring a successful Kiosk
host, you will be rewarded a 10-20% commission (up to $200 cash)

We offer attractive financial compensation insentive for having our attractive digital kiosks placed in your business. Only high traffic business will be entertained. Message "kiosk Hosting" to make the connection.

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